Orthophonic (mcb78rpm) wrote in forsyte,

From Book to PBS

So I just want to say first off that I'm a recent fan of The Forsyte Saga having both seen the two Masterpeice Theatre Series and currently in the course of reading the book. Right now I'm up to the forth chapter of "To Let" called "The Mausoleum".
While the second series is great, whoever wrote it took a lot, I mean A LOT of liberies with the original book. As well as little details changing, entire characters were either left out or allowed to continue living long after their deaths in the book, sometimes as much as 10 or more years. By doing this, whole scenes were constructed around the characters which affected the general plot of the series. It may be good to point out though that the dialogue added by supposedly dead characters were things they probably would have said anyway. Luckilly none of the main characters were tampered with too much. Since a few of you may have not read the book, I don't want to spoil it for you by telling you all the details, you'll just have to take my word for it when you read it yourselves.
Another thing is, though the main characters all differ greatly from their descriptions in the book, they somehow seem to be perfectly cast. Irene is just as aloof, Soames is just as demanding and June is just as vibrant. One thing I did notice though was Winifred Dartie's style of dressing. In the book she is depicted as very fashionable, but in the series her dress is almost clownish in its slavish devotion to fashion in a woman of her age. Also June, who should be 51 in 1920 doesn't look a day over 30 in the series. Also here's a point about Robin Hill, which in the story is built in 1886. It looks as if someone took one of Frank Lloyd Wright's prairie style homes (most were built about 1900 to 1910) out of Oak Park Illinois and plopped it down in the English country-side. We know that Bossiney is meant to be very modern advanced for his time but the obvious similarities between his work and Wright are kind of funny, plus the interior is very Charles Rennie Mackintosh - the right country - but about 10 to 20 years before the Scottish arts and crafts movement.
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