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Wow, okay it's taken me a little bit to comment on the ending of the saga... but geez and omg!  I mean, I liked it, I liked it a lot, but I kinda felt like it was lacking in full closure.  I really liked that Soames finally came clean about Irene to Fleur... that it wasn't Irenes fault that she did not like him and the reason behind it. 

I thought that Soames kinda developed nicely, he became kinder and more insightful at the end.  (too bad I'm not there in the book yet)  I liked his relationship with Irene his interaction, and reaction to all her movements and words... and then Jon and his "Soames up against the wall" manuever. 

June though, wow, she got some pretty good burns in, and she just about took off Jons head after she saw him with Fleur... it was nice to see her and Irene reconciled with one another.  And Irene got that great comment in about how their family (soames') is like a disease, it spreads... that was great!  And I just love Bilson, she's one of the best characters I think. 

Okay, I've rambled a lot, but it was, overall, good.  I kinda would have liked the narration at the end, ya know?  The masterpiece theatre guy that just kinda wraps things up?  I love that guy, I think he would have really closed things... too bad he wasn't there.  Man, I could go on forever... okay I'll shut up now  :)

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