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Wow, okay it's taken me a little bit to comment on the ending of the saga... but geez and omg!  I mean, I liked it, I liked it a lot, but I kinda felt like it was lacking in full closure.  I really liked that Soames finally came clean about Irene to Fleur... that it wasn't Irenes fault that she did not like him and the reason behind it. 

I thought that Soames kinda developed nicely, he became kinder and more insightful at the end.  (too bad I'm not there in the book yet)  I liked his relationship with Irene his interaction, and reaction to all her movements and words... and then Jon and his "Soames up against the wall" manuever. 

June though, wow, she got some pretty good burns in, and she just about took off Jons head after she saw him with Fleur... it was nice to see her and Irene reconciled with one another.  And Irene got that great comment in about how their family (soames') is like a disease, it spreads... that was great!  And I just love Bilson, she's one of the best characters I think. 

Okay, I've rambled a lot, but it was, overall, good.  I kinda would have liked the narration at the end, ya know?  The masterpiece theatre guy that just kinda wraps things up?  I love that guy, I think he would have really closed things... too bad he wasn't there.  Man, I could go on forever... okay I'll shut up now  :)

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I stupidly missed the first showing of it, so I had to wait until Friday to see the rerun! Ahh it was torture.

Lots of rambling up ahead.. Great conclusion. I cried when Jolyon told Irene he was dying, and I cried when he died, I cried when they were at his funeral. Prosper Profond really pissed me off in the early episodes, but towards the end when he started talking to Jon, it made me like him just a little. And what was funny, was when they were at the cricket game, the trombone did this really horrible descending note when they showed Prosper come in, and Annette saw him hah. I was cursing throughout this entire thing. Like when Irene saw Soames at the game, and when Jon and Fleur were about to get caught by Irene. And I just hate Fleur. She is really a horrible person. She was just like "Come away and marry me, we still have time!", after Jon's father just died! She's so selfish. And they way she talked about his mother, and it wasn't even true.. but yeah, eventually she found out the truth. When Fleur was yelling for Jon, she became so.. I don't know the word.. desperate? The way she was acting was just really unattractive. But I was laughing when she with her father and screaming at him.. haha, and in the carriage too. It almost looked like she was about to laugh. I don't want to get started on how horrible she was to go to Michael right after Jon. She really did marry just for convenience, or whatever. And Jon wanted her back? Oh heck no, he should never have met her. He doesn't deserve someone as horrid as her. And when Jon pushed Soames against the wall, he looked so helpless hah. And I liked what Irene said about Soames' familing being a disease as well.
I liked how Soames character developed. I really hated him before, but he's a likeable character now I suppose. I finally figured out why they named it "To Let". Not just for Jolyon's house, but for other reasons involving the characters too.
I liked Annette in this part. She was so motherly, and whatever, you know what I mean? Fleur looked so happy at her wedding. *sarcasm* hah.
And I was so shocked, but I should have seen it coming, when Fleur said that Jon was hers, like some property. That was just stupid for her to say. And then she says the same thing to Jon about it, when they meet eachother in their spot, only that he's the one with the property issues. Load of rubbish that is. He loved her, but oh well. Maybe he just didn't want her to marry anyone else because he didn't want to lose her officially.. or something.

I know, that guy that does the summaries should've ended it, I would've like that too lol. But I think I felt closure, because of Soames' character in the end, it just closed the entire thing up for me. Maybe they should've showed the other characters and then showed Soames. Oh well. I'm the one who should shut it now lol. Damn, how much did I write? I've wanted to get it all out ever since last night haha.
Hey, I know how ya feel, it's all good, I wrote a lot too. Yes, I agree, Annette was a lot more attractive, more of a mother and a care taker. And Fleur, gosh! She just... I really don't like her... esp. when she was yelling at Jon that Irene was trying to keep him and she yells "you are mine!" or something like that, I was thinking 'oh my god! fleur you are such a b---h! You're right, jon and his property thing they talk about that a lot in the book how Forsytes are all about owning things, property etc. Yes, the ending of Fleur and her marriage to Mont was fitting for her charactrer, kinda sad in a way with Soames knowing that she will be unhappy with him.
yes, Soames got a lot better, nicer at the end. At least he made a conscious realization of his mistakes, and wrongs to Irene. Whoo! thanks for the reply, I was wondering what other people were thinking about the ending and the characters, what not!
I know, she was such a cow in this one! Talk about possessiveness.
np :) and thanks for the billy thing, I'll be sure to watch that day!
ummm... looked at your info, you're a LOTR fan too! well, Billy Boyd is gonna be on the Sharon Osbourne show March 4th. kay?



March 16 2004, 15:30:30 UTC 12 years ago

My life is over. okay maybe not. I really loved this show. By the end, I was pacing in front of the tv unsure of what would happen. It was the best closure when Soames and Irene finally made up. I'm sorry I'm writing anonymously because I don't have livejournal. I just had to comment on one of the best shows. ps I'm still upset about Phil.
no problem, you should get a live journal, they're so much fun! And about the Forsytes you should get the DVD's of the first and second series. oh, so awesome, i want pbs to air it again!
Fleur is not a perfect person. She was indulged by her father for so many years. Yet, after Jon dumps her, he gets outraged that she had moved on to someone else? I mean . . . really! Did he expect her to moon over him after getting dumped?