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Forsyte Chronicles radio production

For any who are curious about the 23-part Forsyte Chronicles radio series from 1990 - which adapted all 9 Forsyte books, including The Forsyte Saga, A Modern Comedy, and End of the Chapter - you can get it in three parts of it on Audible.com. You can also find the first part (The Forsyte Saga) on Amazon.com.

I interlibrary loaned the set of CDs and burned them to my computer, and then saw that Amazon is currently offering a deal where if you sign up with Audible through them (you can easily do that from the Amazon page for the Audible edition of End of the Chapter), you can do a 30-day free trial and get an extra credit free - equalling two audiobooks that first, free month. I chose A Modern Comedy and End of the Chapter, so through that offer, I managed to be able to listen to the entire Forsyte Chronicles on my iPod, for free!

It had a cast of fairly well-known British radio actors, including Dirk Bogarde as Galsworthy narrating. It's not an audiobook per se - it's more of a radio drama with narration - but is quite true to the novels, even more so than the 1967 series. I'm only partway through The Man of Property, but it seems quite well-acted so far (though many of the actors seem to be patterning their performances after the '67 series so far, with the exception of Young Jolyon, who seems genuinely younger than the 50-something Kenneth More).

I'm currently compiling info on the series, available here as part of my Forsyte wiki. I have complete casting info from the CD booklet of the first trilogy, but the later Audible editions don't seem to have anything similar, so I'm still trying to come up with a full, complete and accurate cast list, so if anyone here knows where I could find that, that would be great.
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